lab tech doing psa tests

Are PSA Tests Useful?

PSA tests are a commonly used screening tool for prostate cancer. There is an ongoing debate about the usefulness of PSA tests. Keep reading to
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doctor discussing if you should live with prostate cancer or other treatment options

Should You Live With Prostate Cancer or Seek Treatment?

The decision to live with prostate cancer depends on several factors, including the stage and grade of cancer, age, overall health, and personal preferences.
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Man considering supplement options for prostate health

Supplement Options for Prostate Health

Taking certain measures to maintain your prostate health can be extremely beneficial. Consider adding supplements to help keep your prostate healthy.
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doctor showing man prostate location on image

The What, Where and Why of Your Prostate

Understanding your prostate and its unique design and function within your body is the first step in protecting your health and avoiding long-term dysfunction.
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TULSA-PRO Procedure

The TULSA-PRO Procedure: A Better Way to Treat Prostate Cancer

The effects of prostate cancer are detrimental. Thankfully, the TULSA-PRO procedure is an innovative prostate cancer treatment that requires no incision.
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