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Low Complications

The TULSA Procedure has a relatively low risk of everyday functional decline because your physician has the ability to avoid important nerve bundles and structures around your prostate, decreasing the risk of side effects.

Same Day Out Patient Procedure

The TULSA Procedure is a one-and-done procedure, performed in a single session that takes a few hours. There is no need for repeat visits, as in radiation therapy and other therapies.

Keep your Options Open

If you are in need of future prostate care, you may either have a repeat TULSA Procedure, or choose any other type of prostate therapy to address your prostate needs.

Rapid Recovery Time

Most patients return to activities quickly and their erectile and urinary functions return to baseline after post-procedure recovery.

Customizable Treatment Plan

The TULSA Procedure is a customizable procedure that is personalized based on your unique anatomy and tissue.

Precise Targeted Ablation

The TULSA Procedure is precise which allows for local control of clinically significant disease, with significant PSA reduction and low rates of residual cancer on follow-up biopsy.2

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