Supplement Options for Prostate Health

Man considering supplement options for prostate health

You may already be taking daily supplements to support your immune system and exercise recovery, but have you considered adding supplements to help keep your prostate healthy? Taking certain measures to maintain your prostate health can be extremely beneficial in the long run. 

Supplements are not guaranteed to prevent prostate cancer nor should they be a substitute for proper medical care. However, you may want to think about taking them consistently to minimize current symptoms and help inhibit prostate issues that can arise over time. 

Reasons to consider taking prostate supplements include:

  • Having difficulty urinating or producing a strong urine stream.
  • Dealing with current prostate cancer treatment.
  • Prevention of future prostate issues.

There are a variety of supplements available on the market, and knowing which options are out there can give you an idea of what you need to stay healthy. The following list provides some insight into the benefits of each supplement and will hopefully guide your decisions regarding maintaining a healthy prostate. 


This supplement’s natural origin makes it a good plant-based option. One of the main prostate issues that this supplement may help with is reducing inflammation and giving you a stronger urine flow.

Saw Palmetto

Known for helping with urinary tract issues associated with BPH, this supplement is also plant-based and can be great for someone looking at options with anti-inflammatory properties.


If urinary flow is a priority for you, then consider adding pygeum to your supplement intake. Along with better urine flow, it may help with minimizing the need for bathroom breaks and emptying the bladder more effectively. 


This supplement is another viable option as it contains an important extract, curcumin. This specific extract has shown some promise in potentially being able to prevent prostate cancer development.  

Vitamin D, E, and Zinc

These supplement ingredients are usually found in everyday foods, depending on the nutrient, and may also be purchased as individual supplements. While these supplements aren’t as directly associated with prostate health as others on the list, they are still good to consider and worth looking into. 

There are plenty of other supplements that may be recommended or discovered through personal research. Take the time to think about your prostate health priorities and make an informed decision about which supplement(s) you decide to take. 

Questions to potentially ask yourself when selecting a supplement option:

  • Which specific prostate health goal do I have in mind?
  • What does my doctor think about these supplements?
  • Was my research conducted from a reliable source of information?
  • Have I examined the supplements for potential ingredients that may affect me?

Speaking with your trusted urologist can also give you an idea of which supplement will work for your needs. Along with taking supplements, you may want to consider prostate screenings to check on your prostate’s current health and ensure there are no signs of serious issues. 

If you are dealing with prostate cancer there are minimally invasive treatment options available such as the TULSA-PRO procedure

Integrative Urology Provides TULSA-PRO Procedures in Phoenix

Led by world-renowned urologist Dr. Y. Mark Hong Integrative Urology provides high-tech solutions that prevent patients from experiencing unnecessary negative side effects. 

If you are suffering from prostate cancer or are due for prostate cancer screening, contact Integrative Urology for a discreet and private appointment. A consultation and testing can put your mind at ease, whether you require specialized treatment or not.

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